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Pohronský Inovec, national cultural monuments

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Benedictine Monastery Hronský Beňadik Hronský Beňadik

Benedictine Monastery Hronský Beňadik

Hronský Beňadik (area: Pohronsky Inovec, region: Pohronie)

Benedictine monastery in Hronský Beňadik consists of a set of fortified sacral buildings in the village Hronský Beňadik in the district of Žarnovica in Banská Bystrica region. The monastic complex its stunning visitors with contemporary monumentality is a unique combination of sacred buildings and fortification as well as the symbiosis of different building styles - Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque. The complex of buildings even today seems to be as a guardian of the crossroads. Benedictine Abbey in Hronský Beňadik was solemnly consecrated in 1075 in the presence of the founder of the...