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Čierny Hron Railway Čierny Balog

Čierny Hron Railway

Čierny Balog (area: Slovak Ore Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

Ciernohronska (Black Hron) railway is a narrow-gauge forest railway in the Slovak Ore Mountains, which drives on the route Chvatimech - Hronec - Čierny Balog - Vydrovo. Railway was originally built to improve transport of harvested timber, since the capacity and quality of transport of wood in the traditional way - rafting failed to meet the needs of the growing industry of the country. It was necessary to ensure the quality and smooth transport of timber throughout the year. The construction of the main section from Hronec to Čierny Balog, 10.4 kilometers long, began in 1908. Forest Railway...

SKI resort KOŠÚTKA Hriňová


Hriňová (area: Slovak Ore Mountains, region: Podpolanie)

SKI Centrum Košútka is a modern ski resort located in the Veporske Hills, 1.5 km from the centre of the town Hriňová. Motor vehicle access is directly to the ski resort, without having to travel through difficult mountainous terrain. The area is located at an altitude of 503 metres (the starting lift station). There are parking capacity about 70 parking spaces here. You can find here lso a multi-functional building with a central box office, ski rental, mountain rescue service, toilets and a self-service buffet. From the centre of the resort, the ski-lift with a total length of 960 m transports...

Ski resort Čierny Balog Čierny Balog

Ski resort Čierny Balog

Čierny Balog (area: Slovak Ore Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

Ski resort Cierny Balog is located in the popular tourist centre, 9 km from Brezno. A lot of good skiing can be enjoyed on 6 slopes that are suitable for families, advanced skier, beginner, snowboarder and cross country skiing. The ski slope is very well usable for fans of extreme sports such as paragliding. In the resort there are 2 ski lifts with a length of 1100 m and children's ski lift (250 m). Transport capacity of the lifts is 2500 persons per hour. The slopes are artificially snowed and tracks are daily maintained by snow vehicles. The resort comes also with ski services, ski rental,...

Ján Kulich Gallery Zvolenská Slatina

Ján Kulich Gallery

Zvolenská Slatina (region: Podpolanie)

Masarykovov Dvor - Equestrian and Horseback Riding area Vígľaš

Masarykovov Dvor - Equestrian and Horseback Riding area

Vígľaš (region: Podpolanie)

Equestrian centre Dvor Masaryk in the village of Vígľaš - part Pstruša provides sporting opportunities, recreational and hippo-therapeutic riding, equestrian shows, training and informing the general public about racing and horse breeding. The area is suitable for those who want to ride, play sports or simply relax. For more experienced there are horse riding in the indoor riding school or walks in the countryside on horseback. For the inexperienced, there is a riding school. You can explore the surroundings not only on horseback, but you can see it during a sightseeing tour on comfortable...

Forest Open Air Museum Vydrovo Čierny Balog

Forest Open Air Museum Vydrovo

Čierny Balog (area: Slovak Ore Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

Forestry museum is situated in Vydrovská valley in the region of Horehronie, about 1 km from the Čierny Balog. Here, in the beautiful forest surrounding of Veporské Hills, you can see various exhibits that got you acquainted with the forestry - with its past and present. 3 km long route, called the Walk of Forestry Time currently consists of 75 stops. They'll share the importance of forests in our lives. You will learn what all is necessary for the conservation and protection of forests. The information boards in Slovak and English language as well as three-dimensional objects (exhibits) are...

Skilift HRONEC - MAJER Hronec


Hronec (area: Slovak Ore Mountains, region: Upper Hron River )

The HRONEC - MAJER ski lift is located near the village of Hronec in the Banská Bystrica region, 5 km from the town of Brezno. The artificially snowed slope with a length of 600m and an elevation gain of 80m is artificially snowed during the winter season and also offers the possibility of night skiing. Operating hours: 9.00 - 16.00 Evening skiing (Friday, Saturday): 18.00 - 21.00

HRONEC - HLOBIŠOV Ski Resort Hronec


Hronec (region: Upper Hron River )

Ski lift Hronec - Hlobišov is located near the village Hronec nearby cities Brezno and Podbrezová. The total length of the slope, located in the mountains Veporské is 2.4km and its elevation is about 200 meters.



Strelníky (region: Upper Hron River )

VÍGĽAŠ CASTLE Zvolenská Slatina


Zvolenská Slatina (region: Podpolanie)

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