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Spa for nerve diseases, Ondavská Highlands (Ondavská vrchovina)

Accommodation Ondavská Highlands (Ondavská vrchovina)
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HINT Health Spa Bardejov Bardejovské Kúpele (Bardejov Spas)

Health Spa Bardejov

Bardejovské Kúpele (Bardejov Spas) (area: Ondavská Highlands, region: Saris, District: Bardejov)

Spa Bardejov, located in the northeast of Slovakia in Saris region, lies in beautiful nature. You can find it north of the historic town of Bardejov, while from its centre it is about 6 km away. One of the oldest spas in Slovakia is characterized by an enchanting surrounding nature and high level of spa treatment. The spa provides comprehensive medical treatment for insured of the health insurance companies. Self-payers can choose from a wide range of therapeutic, as well as...

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