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HAJNÁČKA Castle Nová Bašta


Nová Bašta (region: Gemer)

Hajnáčka Castle is a freely accessible ruin of the original Gothic castle, which was built in the 13th century. It is located on a basalt hill directly above the village Hajnáčka. The village can be found in the middle of the Cer Highlands, in the valley of the river Gortva, 12 km southeast of Fiľakovo. During the Tartar invasion (1241-1242), the former Jobagionists of Beckov Castle built a fortification on Darmskó Hill. Originally, the castle served as a refuge. Later, around the middle of the 15th century, the castle was completed. It burned down in 1703 and was not rebuilt. Remains of...

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Distance: 8.80kmŠOMOŠKA CASTLE Radzovce


Radzovce (region: Novohrad, District: Lučenec)

Šomoška Castle built of unconventional hexagonal basalt columns is unique among the Slovak castles. Its scenic beauty ranks it among the most beautiful castles in Slovakia. It is located on the Hungarian border above the Hungarian village Somoskő. The castle was built in the early 14th century by Kacsics Dynasty. In 1323 King Charles-Robert donated castle to Thomas Széczényi. During his era, the castle was a bustling centre of social life. The original base of the castle was a building...

Distance: 19.25kmFilakovo Castle Fiľakovo

Filakovo Castle

Fiľakovo (area: Vepor Mountains, region: Novohrad, District: Lučenec)

Filakovo Castle was a medieval castle whose ruins are overlooking the town Fiľakovo. The first written mention of the castle is from 1242, where it says that the castle resisted Tartar invasions. It has several owners, including Matthew III Csák. In the 12th century, the original castle consists of square tower, perimeter wall with the palace on the southwest side and probably mound with palisades. During the reconstruction in 1551 the castle was expanded to the middle castle with a pair of...

Distance: 31.45kmThermal pool Novolandia Rapovce

Thermal pool Novolandia

Rapovce (area: Thermal bath Novolandia Rapovce , region: Novohrad, District: Lučenec)

Novolandia thermal pool is located in the south of central Slovakia in the village Rapovce, 5 km south of Lucenec. Geothermal water in the spa springs from a depth of 1,501 metres at a temperature of 38.1 degrees Celsius. Its composition recalls the sea water and is suitable for balneological therapeutic purposes, as well as inhalation. It has a positive contribution in the treatment of musculoskeletal and circulatory system with nerve and skin diseases, as well as stomach, intestinal and respiratory...

Distance: 31.74kmCHATEAU OŽĎANY Rimavská Sobota


Rimavská Sobota (area: Kurinec - Zelená voda, region: Gemer, District: )

Distance: 36.35kmMiraj Resort Sea swimming pool Lučenec

Miraj Resort Sea swimming pool

Lučenec (area: Thermal bath Novolandia Rapovce , region: Novohrad, District: Lučenec)

Sea swimming pool is part of the Hotel Miraj Resort. The swimming pool area includes a saltwater swimming pool, sea sand beach, palm trees and a terrace bar. The pool has plenty of massage jets and waterfalls. Part of the pool is a separate smaller pool with a water depth of 50 cm. This exotic swimming pool is open during the summer season from June to September, depending on the weather. 5 new water slides are waiting for you! During the holidays and weekends we recommend you to come before...

Distance: 46.61kmHALIČ CASTLE Halič


Halič (region: Novohrad, District: Lučenec)

The HALIČ CASTLE dating from 1612 is the dominant feature of the village of Halič. It is situated on a lonely wooded hill. The view of the chateau is cut out of a fairy tale and the view from the windows of the chateau is magnificent. You can see 15 surrounding villages and, with good visibility, also some peaks of the High Tatras. The castle forest park has an area of ​​13 hectares with an artificial lake. The beginnings of Halič Castle date back to the 12th century - it is stated that...

Distance: 48.61kmReservoir Teplý Vrch Teplý Vrch

Reservoir Teplý Vrch

Teplý Vrch (area: Revúcka vrchovina, region: Gemer, District: Rimavská Sobota)

Distance: 49.45kmAQUATERMAL Strehová Dolná Strehová


Dolná Strehová (region: Novohrad, District: Veľký Krtíš)

The thermal swimming pool AQUATERMAL STREHOVA is situated in the southern part of Banska Bystrica region, in the district of Veľký Krtíš, between Lučenec and Veľký Krtíš regional towns. The water is supplied into the pools from three drill holes which are secured from hygienic point of view. The temperature of the thermal water is 36 °C at the outfall. The water type is natrium bicarbonate with content of Na+,HCO3 with trace elements of Ca2, Mg2, C1-,SO4 –2,NO3. It is a natural, clear,...

Distance: 50.89kmBeach swimming pool Tornaľa Tornaľa

Beach swimming pool Tornaľa

Tornaľa (region: Gemer, District: Revúca)

The beach swimming pool is located in the region of Gemer in central Slovakia, on the southern edge of the town of Tornaľa, in the town of Králik. A part of the natural swimming pool with an area of 15,000 m2 is an artificially created reservoir with a water depth of 2.2 m and a swimming pool with dimensions of 50 x 25 m and a depth of 1.3 m. The water reservoir is filled from the Sea Eye, also called Hot Water. Children will also find their place in this natural pool, for which there is also a...

Distance: 56.14kmRužiná - reservoir Ružiná

Ružiná - reservoir

Ružiná (region: Novohrad, District: Lučenec)

Ružiná is considered one of the warmest dams in Slovakia due to its excellent climatic conditions and location in the south of Central Slovakia. The water reservoir provides sports activities for vacationers. They can swim, surf and practice other water sports here. Fishing is very interesting in Ružina. The water area with the surrounding recreation center is located near the village Ružiná 18 km north of the town Lučenec towards Zvolen. As the reservoir is surrounded by forests, lovers of...

Distance: 58.91kmDIVÍN Castle Divín

DIVÍN Castle

Divín (region: Novohrad, District: Lučenec)

Divín is a ruin of a Gothic castle, the ruins of which are located in the village of Divín. The castle was built in the 13th century to protect the road to the Central Slovak mining area. In 1559, a new fort was built with modern defensive elements. However, even these measures did not prevent it from being conquered by the Turks in 1575, who occupied it until 1593. The castle became fatal for the looting actions of its owner Imrich Balassa - in 1683 it was conquered and set on fire by imperial...

Distance: 58.95kmMuseum of History of the village Divin - Zichy mansion Divín

Museum of History of the village Divin - Zichy mansion

Divín (region: Novohrad, District: Lučenec)

The Renaissance manor house, which stands under the castle hill, was built in 1670. Until 1945, it was owned by the Zichy family. After the war, the Forest Administration and JRD were based here. From 2011 to 2015, the manor underwent extensive reconstruction and currently houses the Museum of the History of the Village of Divín, which in its exhibitions offers visitors the history of the village, castle and manor as well as the natural beauty of Divín. The courtyard of the manor also offers a...

Distance: 60.99kmSummer swimming pool Hnúšťa Hnúšťa

Summer swimming pool Hnúšťa

Hnúšťa (area: Revúcka vrchovina, region: Gemer, District: Rimavská Sobota)

City swimming pool in Hnúšťa expects you in the summer season 2019 with new umbrellas, benches, deck chairs, lockers and for your children there is a trampoline and a large bouncy castle. In the summer swimming pool there is a 25 m long recreational pool, a children's pool (10 x 10 m), sun loungers, parasols, a sandpit with climbing frames, a children's inflatable bouncy castle, a volleyball and badminton sports ground. There is also a snack bar. Opening hours are 7 days a week from 9.00...

Distance: 61.33kmNatural swimming pool KRTKO Veľký Krtíš

Natural swimming pool KRTKO

Veľký Krtíš (region: Novohrad, District: Veľký Krtíš)

Natural swimming-pool Krtko is located directly in Velky Krtis in the south of central Slovakia. It is one of the few resorts where the pools have no chlorine and other chemicals. Instead of it, the vegetable bio-system is used for cleaning the water and thus saving the environment. In the swimming-pool area you can bath in the pool along with frogs. During the day and at night you can hear the croaking that echoes around, but visitors and city residents do not mind. Experts say that where there...

Distance: 62.79kmBLUE ROCK CASTLE Modrý Kameň


Modrý Kameň (region: Novohrad, District: Veľký Krtíš)

The Blue Rock castle was built in the 12th century by an important and weighty Ugrian family of the Balassas that lived here till the half of the 19th century. An important Renaissance poet and an anti–Turkish fighter, Bálint Balassi /1554-1594/, comes of this family. The last owner, Countess Gabriela Almássy sold the castle with manor-house and neighbouring lands to the Czecho-Slovak State in 1923. The area of the castle is created by ruins of the Gothic castle from the 12th century and of...