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Church of St. Luke the Evangelist (Brezany) Chminianska Nová Ves

Church of St. Luke the Evangelist (Brezany)

Chminianska Nová Ves (region: Saris)

Greek Catholic Church of St. Luke the Evangelist from 1727 in the village Brezany, district Prešov is a historic wooden sacral building in Slovakia. Restoration of the church was made in the second half of the 18th century. It is currently also a branch of the Roman Catholic parish in nearby Bajerov. From an architectural point of view it regards as an atypical three-part log-house with a strong influence of Gothic Roman Catholic religious architecture. The windows are made by deep cuts in two adjacent beams. Glazed opening is provided with a simple iron grate. Baroque iconostasis dates from...

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Distance: 11.98kmŠARIŠ CASTLE Veľký Šariš


Veľký Šariš (area: Čergov, region: Saris, District: Prešov)

Distance: 17.34kmObservatory and planetarium in Prešov Prešov

Observatory and planetarium in Prešov

Prešov (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Saris, District: Prešov)

Observatory and planetarium in Prešov is engaged in popularization of astronomy and related scientific branches. The activity concentrates on students and schoolmasters of all kinds school, nursery-age children and various interest groups as well as individuals from the rank of general public. The scientific and educational programs centre on observation of solar photosfere. Interesting, sometimes almost untraditional views on the Universe, stellar sky and our and Earth are presented to the public...

Distance: 17.39kmSKI AREA BÚČE Lipovce


Lipovce (region: Saris, District: Prešov)

Distance: 18.01kmBad Hole cave Lipovce

Bad Hole cave

Lipovce (region: Saris, District: )

Bad-Hole cave near Lipovce village is the only cave in the Presov region open to the public. In the local dialect it is known as Zla Dzura. Visitors experience a unique descent to the mysterious depths of this cave. Accompanied with a guide, they are equipped with protective helmets and traditional cavern carbide lamps as the cave has no electricity. Basic Route lasts about 40 minutes. The difficulty of the route: easy. Available also for children or older people (the youngest visitor so far was...

Distance: 18.88kmAquapark Prešov Delňa Prešov

Aquapark Prešov Delňa

Prešov (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Saris, District: Prešov)

Open all year round indoor water park Delňa Prešov offers many attractions and pools including pool for children, swimming and sitting pool, as well as Jacuzzis and water slides. The complex features 1500 square meters of water surface. The length of water slide is 100 m and 30 m. The swimming pool is 25 m in length and 8 m in width. There are also water attractions as waterfalls, jets and breakwaters. The water park comes also with a wellness area, restaurant, terrace and bar. Water temperature Relaxing...

Distance: 19.21kmPLAZA BEACH Resort Solivar Prešov

PLAZA BEACH Resort Solivar

Prešov (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Saris, District: Prešov)

Exotic Summer Pool Plaza Beach Resort can be found in the town of Presov on Solivar. The area features several swimming pools. There is double-lagoon pool for adults with a maximum depth of 1.90 meters. For children there is a children's pool with rock castle, cave, water cannons and slides. Both pools are disinfected with salt. Swimmers may enjoy swimming pool (dimensions 25 x 12.5 m) with a maximum water depth of 1.80 m with a four-digit lane and landing pool (depth 0.90 m). Each visitor gets...

Distance: 21.80kmSKI area Dubovica Žliabky Lipany

SKI area Dubovica Žliabky

Lipany (area: Ski Dubovica - Žliabky, region: Saris, District: Sabinov)

Distance: 23.24kmRUŽÍN - RESERVOIR Košická Belá


Košická Belá (area: Ruzinska priehrada, region: Kosice and surroundings, District: Košice)

Distance: 24.24kmSki Relax Center Plejsy Krompachy

Ski Relax Center Plejsy

Krompachy (area: Plejsy, region: Spis, District: Spišská Nová Ves)

Relax Center Plejsy ski resort is situated at an altitude of 470 - 912 m. The most demanding skiers, beginners and children find it interesting. There are 9 downhill tracks of various difficulty, a restaurant, ski service, ski rental shop, children"s corner and other services for skiers. Since the entire area is conditioned with artificial snow the season is prolonged until spring months even when the majority of ski resorts already closed their operations. All the tracks are conditioned...

Distance: 24.63kmObišovce Castle Obišovce

Obišovce Castle

Obišovce (region: Saris, District: Košice)

The ruins of Obišov Castle are situated on a rocky hill 360 meters high, in the village of Obišovce, north of the city of Košice. Nearby is the confluence of the rivers Hornád and Svinka. The Abovci had a fortress built on the site of the castle in the 13th century. From the former marching castle you can only see the foundations today. The castle can be reached from the village of Obišovce in about 15 to 20 minutes on foot. At present, in 2019, the ruins are being reconstructed.

Distance: 24.92kmKAPI CASTLE Kapušany


Kapušany (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Saris, District: Prešov)

Kapušiansky castle is the ruins of the castle above the village Kapušany, over the road to the town of Bardejov and is situated on a rocky outcrop of Zámčisko hill. The castle was built in the 13th century on a steep hill, on the site of an old Slavic settlement. The castle was supposed to protect the royal road leading from Prešov to the north. Its first owner was the genus Moglód. In 1312, during the fighting between Karol Robert and Csák Máté destroyed the castle. Around 1410 it got...

Distance: 25.11kmChildrens world Slniečkovo Lipany

Childrens world Slniečkovo

Lipany (area: Čergov, region: Saris, District: Sabinov)

Children's World Slniečkovo found in Lipany, a village in the district Sabinov in eastern Slovakia. The four-storey indoor playground is part of Troja with a restaurant, pension and small wellness. For children there is also a children's playground, outdoor climbing frames, slides and carousel. Admission to the children's world is for a fee. About 700 meters away is the new Aquapark Lipany, which opens its doors in the summer of 2019.

Distance: 25.13kmSki Drienica - Lysá Drienica

Ski Drienica - Lysá

Drienica (area: Čergov, region: Saris, District: Sabinov)

Ski and leisure area Drienica - Lysa lies in Cergov Mountains, in the beginning of Drienicka Valley and Lysa, at 850 metres over the sea level. Both resorts are connected by two-seat funicular. The centre is one of the most popular ones in Eastern Slovakia. Drienica-Lysa features artificial snow slopes, chairlifts, ski lifts, maintained ski tracks for downhill skiing and maintained cross country skiing tracks of 5 and 10 kilometres. It offers plenty of opportunities for great skiing during...

Distance: 25.67kmAQUApark Lipany Lipany

AQUApark Lipany

Lipany (area: Čergov, region: Saris, District: Sabinov)

AQUApark Lipany is a new water paradise in eastern Slovakia, where families with children, seniors, young people and tourists can indulge in endless relaxation in swimming pools with many attractions and thermal water, which is a natural wealth of the picturesque town of Lipany. The aquapark with thermal water is located on the outskirts of the town of Lipany in the Sabinov district, between the Šariš Highlands and the Čergov Mountains. Geothermal mineral water from Lipian spring has beneficial...

Distance: 26.69kmZbojnícky Castle Ruská Nová Ves

Zbojnícky Castle

Ruská Nová Ves (area: Slanske vrchy, region: Saris, District: Prešov)

The remains of the ruins of Zbojnícký hrad or Soľnohrad are located in Slanské vrchy at the western foot of Tri chotáre hill in the cadastre of Ruská Nová Ves. The castle was probably built at the turn of the 13th and 14th centuries and was accessible only from the east. The remains of the stone castle are on a rocky ridge measuring 45x35 m, which has steep slopes on the north, south and west sides. Its descent to the east created two natural terraces during the construction of the castle....