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Bernolákovo, ruins of castles and forts

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Bernolákovo (region: Bratislava and surroundings)

Find Ruins of castles and forts in the surrounding area of Bernolákovo:

Distance: 13.82kmBiely Kamen Castle Ruins Svätý Jur

Biely Kamen Castle Ruins

Svätý Jur (area: Little Carpathians, region: Bratislava and surroundings, District: Pezinok)

Biely Kamen (White stone) is a ruin of a Gothic castle situated on the wooded hill above the town of Svaty Jur at the Pezinok District in the Bratislava region. The castle, originally occupying a relatively large area of hill has been preserved in a state of advanced decay, which does not allow getting detailed information about its original form and development. White Stone Castle replaced older fort located on the opposite side of the valley. This fort was built in the 9th century and acted...

Distance: 20.65kmDragon castle Stupava

Dragon castle

Stupava (area: Little Carpathians, region: Bratislava and surroundings, District: Malacky)

Dračí hrádok is a ruin on the Úboč hill above the valley of the Stupavský brook, located 2 km east of the village of Borinka at an altitude of 370 m above sea level. m. The castle was built in the 13th century, during the period when the owners of the royal castle on Pajštún were the counts of Svätý Jur and Pezinok. The royal origin is indicated by the similarity of the tower at Dračský hrádek with the towers at other royal castles (Plavecký hrad, Beckov, Pajštún). The castle complex...

Distance: 24.59kmPAJSTUN CASTLE Stupava


Stupava (area: Little Carpathians, region: Bratislava and surroundings, District: Malacky)

The Pajstun castle belongs in the system of border castles that took over, since the 13th century, the function of protection of the north-western borders of the Ugrian state in the Small Carpathians. The beginnings of the royal castle date back to the second half of the 13th century. It has been documented since 1273. The oldest owners used to have a shared lordship with Stupava where they returned in a later stage. Since the 14th century it belonged to counts from Svätý Jur and Pezinok continuously,...

Distance: 32.68kmDEVÍN CASTLE Bratislava


Bratislava (area: Little Carpathians, region: Bratislava and surroundings, District: Bratislava)

The castle hill has been settled already in the 5th century B.C., the oldest part of the today´s castle dates back to the 13th century. In 1809 the castle was destroyed, since the 60s of the 20th century the reconstruction of the castle and archaeological research began. At present, there are expositions here and exhibitions of the City Museum of Bratislava. Tel.: +421/2/54 43 47 42 Open: April-October, Tuesday-Sunday, 10:00a.m. – 5:00 p.m.. Devín (German: Theben, Hungarian: Dévény),...

Distance: 44.70kmPLAVEČ CASTLE Plavecký Štvrtok


Plavecký Štvrtok (region: Zahorie, District: Malacky)

Distance: 48.51kmMOLPÍR Smolenice


Smolenice (region: Lower Povazie, District: )

Distance: 49.39kmOSTRÝ KAMEŇ CASTLE Buková


Buková (region: Lower Povazie, District: Trnava)

Distance: 57.61kmKORLATKA CASTLE Cerová


Cerová (region: Zahorie, District: Senica)

Korlátka is a ruin of a castle guarding the so-called The Czech way. The castle is located in the Little Carpathians, 455 m above sea level. m., above the village Cerová at the part of Rozbehy. It dates from the 13th century and was abandoned in the 18th century. Today, the fragments of the cylindrical tower (unique in Slovakia), the remains of the palace and walls have been preserved. The most preserved is the farm building in the forecourt. Other castle names: Korlátsky hrad, Korlátko, Korlátky,...