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Spa for mental disorders, Volovec Mountains (Volovské vrchy)

Accommodation Volovec Mountains (Volovské vrchy)
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Climatic Spa Štós Štós

Climatic Spa Štós

Štós (area: Slovak Ore Mountains, region: Kosice and surroundings, District: Košice)

One of the few spas in Eastern Slovakia, Climate Spa Štós is hidden in the forests of Slovak Ore Mountains. It is situated between the Slovak Karst National Park and Volovec Mountains, near the village Štós. The spa is located 35 km to the east from the town of Roznava and about 45 km to the west from Košice. It is surrounded by forest full of spruce, fir and other rare species of trees. The spa is primarily focused on the treatment of respiratory tract, what the appropriate...

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