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Šarkan, national cultural monuments

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Distance: 39.66kmCELEMANTIA IŽA Iža


Iža (region: Danubeland, District: Komárno)

Celemantia was a Roman castellum and settlement on the territory of the present-day municipality Iža, 4 km to the east of Komárno. It is the biggest known Roman castellum in present-day Slovakia. It was a part of the Roman Limes, the frontier-zone of the Empire.

Distance: 44.98kmRoman Lapidarium Komárno Komárno

Roman Lapidarium Komárno

Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland, District: Komárno)

The Exhibition "Roman Lapidarium" is installed in the southern bastion of the Komarno fortress. Opening hours:  May - October: Tue-Sun 10.00 a.m. - 5 p.m.

Distance: 45.48kmFORTRESS KOMÁRNO Komárno


Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland, District: Komárno)

The fortification system in Komárom is a unique military complex, its significance spreading over the borders of Hungary and Slovakia. In the 19th century it was the most powerful and the biggest construction of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy. Its invincibility is commemorated by the statue of the “Stone Virgin“ decorating the Western Bastion of the New Fortress and the sign undrneath which says: NEC ARTE NEC MARTE – neither by trick nor force. These words characterise precisely the whole...

Distance: 45.56kmFerdinand gate Komárno

Ferdinand gate

Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland, District: Komárno)

National monument - Old Fort, which is the provisional list of World Heritage Site welcomes its guests newly renovated Ferdinandova gate. You can see there a memorial plaque on the facade with the coat of arms and the inscription Ferdinand I Roman Emperor. In 2011, the reconstruction of the entire entrance to the Old Fort was completed. The construction of the fortress was ordered in 1541 by the Roman-German Emperor Ferdinand I of Habsburg, therefore the gate was named after him. It was the first...

Distance: 45.87kmThe Townhall Komárno Komárno

The Townhall Komárno

Komárno (area: Danubian Lowland, region: Danubeland, District: Komárno)

The building is located at 1 Klapka Square. It is the most characteristic  neo-classicist building. The original townhall was built as a one-storey building in 1718-19. It  was reconstructed in 1725 but the earthquake in 1763 damaged it completely and it was in ruins. It was rebuilt in 1766. Its tower covered with copper was completed in 1767 and on top of it the symbol of the Habsburg Monarchy was placed: a huge two-headed eagle. Unfortunately, the great fire in 1848 damaged the building again...