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Open air museums and folk architecture Prievidza

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List of tourist attractions Prievidza

Find Open air museums and folk architecture in the surrounding area of Prievidza:

Distance: 29.99km
Museum of folk architecture in Čičmany Čičmany

Museum of folk architecture in Čičmany

Čičmany (area: Rajecka dolina, region: Horne Povazie, District: Žilina)

Distance: 50.75km
Museum of Slovak Village Martin

Museum of Slovak Village

Martin (area: Little Fatra, region: Turiec, District: Martin)

Museum of the Slovak Village is the largest ethnographic exhibition in nature in Slovakia. The open-air museum offers a comprehensive picture of traditional building culture and housing throughout Slovakia with the various types and regional building specifics. It shows the way of life in the Northwest Slovakia during the second half of the 19th and the first half of the 20th century. Museum of Slovak village is located in the southeastern part of Martin in Jahodnícke háje. Opening hours May...

Distance: 66.86km
Watermill Bohunice Pukanec

Watermill Bohunice

Pukanec (region: Dolna Nitra, District: Bánovce nad Bebravou)

Distance: 85.07km
Skalné obydlia Brhlovce Žemberovce

Skalné obydlia Brhlovce

Žemberovce (region: Dolna Nitra, District: )

foto: Ján Otkoč

Distance: 99.39km
HAVRÁNOK Bobrovník


Bobrovník (area: Liptovska Mara, region: Liptov, District: )

Havránok is an important archaeological site in northern Slovakia. It is located on a hill above the Liptovská Mara water reservoir around 2 km from the village of Bobrovník, about halfway between Ružomberok and Liptovský Mikuláš in the Liptov region. The archaeologists unearthed a prehistoric Celtic hill fort and a medieval wooden castle in the 1960s, during the construction of the Liptovská Mara dam. Both objects have been partially reconstructed. During the Iron Age and the Roman Era,...

Distance: 102.39km
Horehronské Museum Brezno Brezno

Horehronské Museum Brezno

Brezno (area: Tale, region: Horehronie, District: )

Distance: 102.86km
Kysuce Museum in Čadca Čadca

Kysuce Museum in Čadca

Čadca (area: Maple Mountains, region: Kysuce, District: Čadca)

Kysuce Museum in Čadca is specialized regional cultural institution for the museum documentation on the development of nature and society, science and technology, culture and art in the territory of Kysuce, from the earliest traces of settlement until the present day. It comes with a permanent exhibition documenting the history and nature of the region Kysuce, as well as temporary exhibitions. It is also a specialized museum with a nationwide scope in the field of documenting the development of...

Distance: 103.99km
Kysuce Village Museum Nová Bystrica (Čadca)

Kysuce Village Museum

Nová Bystrica (Čadca) (area: Kysucká vrchovina, region: Kysuce, District: Čadca)

Kysuce Village Museum is located near the village of Nova Bystrica, part Vychylovka in the valley of Chmúra, which is part of the Kysuce Protected Landscape Area. Open-air museum was established October 11, 1974, while one of the main reasons for its creation was to save the most valuable monuments of folk architecture of the villages Riečnica and Harvelka which were extinguished due to the construction of water reservoir Nová Bystrica. By 1981, when the first part of the exhibition was made...

Distance: 108.62km


Myjava (region: Stredne Povazie, District: )

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