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Čičmany, wandering and horseback riding

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List of tourist attractions Čičmany

Find Wandering and horseback riding in the surrounding area of Čičmany:

Distance: 19.64km
Family homestead Vládske Prečín

Family homestead Vládske

Prečín (area: Súľov Mountains, region: Horne Povazie, District: Považská Bystrica)

Distance: 27.11km
Mitani Horse Riding Club - Kocurany Kocurany

Mitani Horse Riding Club - Kocurany

Kocurany (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Horna Nitra, District: Prievidza)

Riding club Mitani is located in beautiful countryside in the village Kocurany, near the historical town of Bojnice. Club offers riding courses for beginners under the guidance of experienced instructors, horse riding for advanced as well as for children and adults or even walking and walking horseback riding in the nature of Upper Nitra and the surrounding area of Bojnice. The area of the club is a great place for families to spend a nice afternoon in beautiful countryside with horse riding opportunities....

Distance: 28.45km
Ranch LHOTA Prejta Dubnica nad Váhom

Ranch LHOTA Prejta

Dubnica nad Váhom (area: Strazov Mountains, region: Stredne Povazie, District: Ilava)

You can try horseback riding, see various pets or take care of them near Dubnice nad Váhom on Ranch Lhota situated in the mountain environment. The area offers the possibility of training riding, advanced riding, stabling horses, horseback riding, carriage and sleigh rides, organizing various competitions and horse races or even renting a carriage for weddings. Horseback riding is possible in any weather as there is an indoor riding area. Domestic livestock such as pigs, goats, sheep and cattle...

Distance: 29.34km
Farm PRÍSTAVKY Rajecké Teplice


Rajecké Teplice (area: Rajecka dolina, region: Horne Povazie, District: Žilina)

Farm Pristavky, located only 1.5 km from the spa town Rajecke Teplice, is situated in the surroundings of Rajecka valley. Visitors can enjoy horseback riding, carriage rides or just spend a pleasant time on the farm, perhaps with coffee in the cafe, or you can try shooting from the bow, or try milking goats, or learn to prepare goat cheese. On the farm in addition to horses live different animals - goats, pigs, cats, hares, ducks, peacocks or dogs. The farm offers horseback riding in a circular...

Distance: 33.89km
Súľov Horses Súľov - Hradná

Súľov Horses

Súľov - Hradná (area: Súľov Mountains, region: Horne Povazie, District: Bytča)

Distance: 36.49km
Ranch AMADEUS Blatnica


Blatnica (area: Great Fatra , region: Turiec, District: Martin)

Distance: 52.91km
Ranch Stará Teheleň Sučany

Ranch Stará Teheleň

Sučany (area: Little Fatra, region: Turiec, District: Martin)

Ranch Stará Teheleň is located in the village Sučany, 350m from the main road E50, 4 km from Martin. The area is enriched with horses, which is the possibility of riding in the summer months. The large and spacious ranch area features a stylish and cosily furnished restaurant, a small farm with pets, playground (trampoline, slides, swings, sandbox, lodge, children's seating), multifunctional playgrounds with lighting and a beach volleyball court.

Distance: 63.28km
Horse riding center SEDLO  Veľké Pole

Horse riding center SEDLO

Veľké Pole (area: Tribec, region: Pohronie, District: Žarnovica)

Sedlo (Saddle) Equestrian and Riding centre surrounded by nature is situated at an altitude of 600 m asl, in the middle of Veľké Pole mountain pass, between the towns Partizánske and Žarnovica. In summer you get a sight of it from afar thanks to a huge herd of grazing horses. Services include horseback riding and walks in the surroundings, riding on carriage or directly on horseback. For beginners as well as for advanced riders there are lessons with a driving instructor, guiding the horse...

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